"Always let people know what you need, people truly want to help. Allow them to."

What happens after you are diagnosed with cancer? Do cancer patients have options? Who is out there to help? Our survivors are here to help answer these questions and more.


"...I BELIEVE without hope we have nothing. I was given hope that day and so my journey began..."
– Ranita, Cancer Survivor

The mission of the Alamo City Cancer Council is to provide education, resources, and services for any project that supports the cause of the eradication of cancer.


“...Faith, Hope and Love and the greatest of these is love...”
– Cecilia, Cancer Survivor

We will reduce disparities within the diverse populations of Texas by providing information about cancer and cancer-related services. We will increase access to information needed to make informed decisions and reach underserved populations.


Hope for Cancer:

Information & Inspiration on Cancer Research

The Alamo City Cancer Council shares new details in cancer research, giving hope to those afflicted with cancer.
    Find detailed information about everything related to cancer in our comprehensive booklets. They include sections about diagnosis, treatment and lifestyle changes.
    Genetics is the study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics. Review our FAQs or ask our expert questions you have regarding genetics.
    Join ACCC every month when we host the leading physicians and geneticists involved in cancer prevention, treatment and research.